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I am an experimental physicist working on interfacial flows and dynamics. In particular, I am interested in the stability of soapy objects like foam films, bubbles or foams. This includes flow at interfaces, dynamic interfaces and their mechanical properties, macscopic behaviour of soapy objects.


  • Foams, bubbles and soap films stability
  • Surface rheology
  • Thin film thinning, drainage and evaporation


  • PhD in Hydrodynamics, 2005, Paris 6 University
  • Accreditation to direct research (HDR), 2013, Paris Sud University

Professor in Paris Saclay University

Head of the track “Soft Matter and Biophysics” in the ICFP Master 2

Lecture in Complex Fluid and Interfaces in the Master 1 in fundamental physics

Lecture in Interfacial flows in the Master 2 DFE

Teaching about the scientific approach in the first year of physics licence

Surface bubbles

Rupture of foam films

Photography ©Serge Guichard

Soapy objects stability and surface rheology

Link between the mechanical properties of interfaces and the macroscopic properties of foam films, bubbles or foams.

Dynamic contact lines

Contact lines in presence of surface flows


PhD thesis

Accreditation to supervise research

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Professor Paris Saclay University

Paris Saclay University

2020- Professor

2006-2020 Assistant Professor

2013 Accreditation to direct research (HDR),

DTU – Copenhagen

2005-2006 Post-doctoral fellow in the physics department of the Danish Technological University under the supervision of Tomas Bohr.

ESPCI – Paris

2002- 2005 PhD in the laboratory PMMH, ESPCI, Paris. Supervisor: Laurent Limat. Drops, puddles and dry arches: contact lines in presence of a flow.