The IDMAG team – Imaging and Dynamics in Magnetism – studies the relationship between the spatial distribution of magnetization and its dynamics, in low-dimensional systems. For that purpose, several techniques are employed to observe the microscopic magnetic textures, and their response to electrical or magnetic field stimuli. These techniques are magneto-optical microscopy (MOKE), near-field microscopies (magnetic force microscopy (MFM), NV-center magnetic microscopy (in collaboration)), X-ray microscopies (at synchrotrons), mainly. Other techniques allow probing the magnetic and spintronic properties of the samples, like inelastic light scattering by spin waves (BLS), and electrical transport measurements of the current-induced torques on the magnetization. IDMAG’s activity, mainly experimental, is supported by the development of phenomenological models and by numerical micromagnetic simulations

The main research themes are

  • Chiral magnetic textures (skyrmions, chiral domain walls) in ultrathin magnetic films and multilayers,
  • Magnetization dynamics and spin waves,
  • Dynamics of magnetic textures under electrical current,
  • Magnetic domain wall dynamics in disordered systems,
  • Imaging of ferrimagnetic systems,
  • Thermally-activated magnetization reversal.