Manon Marchand received the PhD thesis price from the physics graduate school of Paris-Saclay University

Manon Marchand defended her PhD thesis at Laboratoire de Physique des Solides on the foam friction on rough surfaces. She obtained the price from the physics graduate school of Paris-Saclay University.

In brief, Manon Marchand revealed the different friction regimes of a foam on a textured surfaces and she highlighted that an important parameter is the ratio of the sizes of the asperities and the Plateau borders, the junction between soap films. This research is relevant for many practical applications, including the mouthfeel of some food preparations. A news presenting the main aspects of her work is available here.

The ceremony will occur during the Spring ’22.


Roughness-Induced Friction on Liquid Foams
Manon Marchand, Frédéric Restagno, Emmanuelle Rio, & François Boulogne
Physical Review Letters 124, 118003 (2020)