Professor of physics at
Paris-Saclay University


I am a condensed matter theorist. My research concerns many aspects of correlated systems in condensed matter and quantum gases among which
– New topological states of matter such as topological insulators and superconductors and their  exotic excitations such as Majorana zero modes.
– Transport in correlated nanosystems and its non-equilibrium features (includes hybrid electronic-cavity QED systems)
– Strongly correlated quantum systems in low dimensions.

I am mainly using analytical methods based on effective models, quantum field theory, such as diagrammatics, renormalization group approaches, etc.


  • Topological states of matter
  • New exotic excitations
  • Transport in correlated systems
  • Light&Matter interaction
  • Low-dimensional correlated systems


  • Master in theoretical physics, ENS Paris.
  • PhD in theoretical physics, University Paris Sud (1998).
  • Habilitation thesis, Joseph Fourier University, Grenoble (2003).


Many-Body physics

Master 2 ICFP: 2018 – Jan 2021

Lectures notes at the Master 2 level

Single-particle Green functions and Feynman diagrams. Applications to interacting fermions at finite temperature. Anderson impurity problem

Dirac Matter

Master 2 ICFP: 2012 – 2016

Lectures notes in french at the Master 2 level

Introduction to Dirac Material (graphene based) and topology in condensed matter

Field theory applied to condensed matter

Master 2 ICFP: 2009 – 2011

Lectures notes in french at the Master 2 level

Classical statistical field theory applied to phase transitions. Path integral and quantum field theory applications.

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