The surface tension is the property of a liquid that displayes as a elastic stretched membrane. There are several methods of surface tension measurements. The platform offers different devices,depending on the technics and the samples.


The device determines the dynamic interfacial tension between 2 immiscible fluids by performing a numerical analysis of the shape of a drop or a bubble.

2 configurations are available :

the devvice allows to measure the interfacial tension between 2 liquids, and also to do interfacial rheology, by sinusoidal variations of the volume.


Automatic or manual drop formation

Surface tension

Range : 0.01 mN/m

Accuracy : +- 0.01 mN/m

Interfacial tension

Range : 0.01 mN/m

Accurancy : +- 0.01 mN/m

pendant drop or bubble

rising drop or bubble



Languir technic : the principle is to record the compression isotherm of a monolayer.


Microbalance range : 0 – 3000 mN/m

Microbalance resolution : 0.06 µN/m

Trough dimensions : width : 80 mm, length : 405 mm, depth : 5 mm

Temperature range : 0 – 50 °C

Ez-Pi+ device is compact, easy to move and very usefull for rapid caracterization. The principle is a miniatuarized Du-Nouy/Wilhemly technic.


Measuring range : 1-350 mN/m

Accuracy : 0.01 mN/m

Resolution : 0.001 mN/m (0.2 µg) for 0-100 mg

Langmuir trough


The DSA25S allows semi automatic measurement of static and dynamic contact angle and gives assessement of wettability by the surface free energy.

Available measurement process :

  • Sessile drop
  • Pendant drop and rising drop
DSA25S, Kruss