Quasicrystals are perfectly ordered materials, but are strictly speaking crystals only in a higher dimensional space. Three di erent types of problems have been considered in our group: a) Electronic states and the critical “wavefunctions”. b) E ect of correlations. c) Charge density waves, in collaboration with experimentalists from the LPS. We are currently working on: 1) Topological properties and e ect of interactions, in competition with disorder (Mott-Anderson localization). 2) The nature of the observed magnetic phases in rare earth quasicrystals. 3) The superconductivity and topological states in quasi- one dimensional aperiodic models. 4) Dynamical properties of skyrmion states in quantum Hall systems.

E. C. Andrade, A. Jagannathan, E. Miranda, M. Vojta, & V. Dobrosavljević. Non-Fermi-Liquid Behavior in Metallic Quasicrystals with Local Magnetic Moments. Physical Review Letters 115, 036403 (2015).
N. Macé, A. Jagannathan, & F. Piéchon. Fractal dimensions of wave functions and local spectral measures on the Fibonacci chain. Physical Review B 93, 205153 (2016).


  • Disorder
  • Mott-Anderson phase
  • Magnetism
  • Superconductivity
  • Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall Effects