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My research is devoted to structural studies of self-assembled systems and my favorite experimental tool is Small Angle Scattering using X-rays.

Building blocks are nano-objects such as micelles or nanoparticles. Objectives are to understand and predict how such nano-objects can organize themselves spontaneously into ordered phases. In a scattering experiment, such ordered phases give diffraction signals that are called Bragg peaks. Analysis of such signals requires adapting standard methods of crystallography to the nanoscale, as the relevant length scale is much larger than the atomic scale.

I’m currently interested in the packing properties of metallic nanoparticles to form supracrystals that may be periodic or aperiodic. I was the coordinator of the ANR project SoftQC (2019-2023).



Superlattices of nanoparticles : ANR project SoftQC (site wordpress)

Superlattices of nanoparticles : ANR project SoftQC (page de redirection)


Habilitation à diriger des recherches (2007) :

full text (in French) / / DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21312.84483

Doctorat/PhD (1992) : full text (in French) /

More here about activities for the general public and education on crystallography

More about activities on nanomaterials

An introduction for master students to soft matter and SAXS based on my own research experience (version 2024):

Mathematica notebooks

Pentagonal tilings

Moiré patterns


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