The team

Claude Pasquier

Metal-insulator transition and superconductivity
electric and thermal transport properties

Pawel Wzietek
Assistant Professor

Metal-insulator transition and superconductivity.
Molecular rotors
Nuclear Magnetic résonance (NMR) and ultrasonic attenuation.

Kang Wang
CNRS Researcher

Resistive memories. Photonic sytems exhibiting Dirac cones

Pascale Auban-Senzier
CNRS Research Engineer

High pressures, new molecular materials, superconductivity

Hélène Raffy
Researcher Volunteer, retired from CNRS

Normal and superconducting states of oxydes thin films
electric transport properties

Former members

Denis JéromeRetired from Research director at CNRS
Founder of the team in the 1970’s. Head of the team up to 2005
One of the discoverer of Organic Superconductivity in 1979
Member of the French Academy of Science
Alec Moradpour Retired from Research director at CNRS
He worked in the field of organic chemistry in the laboratory. He ended his career in the group. He passed away in 2013
Miguel MonteverdeAssistant professor at Paris-Saclay University.
He joined the team in 2009. He joined the mesoscopic Physics group in 2020


Where are they now??

Position in the teamactual position (last known!)intermediate position
C.EssghaierPhD (2016/2021)USA
E.TisserondPhD (2015/2018)
(Bourse l’Or�al-UNESCO pour les femmes et la Science en 2017)
Engineer Saint-Gobain (Aubervilliers)
Professeur en classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (Evreux)
W.Kaddour PhD co-tutelle F/Tunisia
Teacher Institut et Centre d’Optométrie (Bures/Yvette)
Beijing University (China)
S.Populoh PhD Marie-Curie
Ingénieur ABB (Suisse)Post-doc EMPA Dübendorf (Switzerland)
Kuwait University Tafila University (Jordan)
N.Joo PhD co-tutelle F/Tunisia
Engineer CEA SaclayCDD Musée CNAM (Paris), CDI Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris)
C.Colin PhD
Assistant professor Grenoble-Alpes University Post-doc Gröningen (Netherlands)
P.Limelette PhD
MCF Université de Tourspost-doc CRISMAT Caen
N.E.Akaaboune PhD
S.Lefebvre PhD co-tutelle F/Canada
Teacher in Québec (Canada)
J.Moser PhD
Associate researcher (Barcelona, Spain)post-docs (Germany, Italy, USA)
B.Simovic PhD
JPMorgan (London, UK) Post-doc ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
C.Pham-Phu PhD
S.Friemel PhD
Engineer in Germany
H.Mayaffre PhD
Assistant professor Grenoble-Alpes University
L.Balicas PhD
Professor NHMFL, Thallahassee, Florida (USA)Researcher NHMFL, Thallahassee, Florida (USA)