Since 2013, the LPS has been equipped with a Leica SP8 confocal laser scanning microscope funded by the Labex PALM (ANR-10-LABX-0039-PALM; purchase price: 370,000 euros). The funding request involved projects from several research teams and laboratories (LPS, FAST, LPMC) centred on a common scientific theme: the spatial and temporal monitoring of dispersed systems. The specificity of the platform CoMic is to be able to reserve the microscope for long periods in order to install complex sample holders and/or to follow the slow evolution of systems continuously, and to do multi-angle observation.

Leica SP8

The CoMic platform, which includes this microscope, is intended to fulfil several missions:

  • to make the confocal microscope and the associated image analysis system available to users
  • to promote contacts between users and develop collaborations.
  • to develop instrumentation specific to the different needs of the projects implemented
  • to train users in the good practices of the apparatus for autonomous use.
  • to follow up and carry out the necessary maintenance and technical interventions or even intervene directly on the device.
  • to optimise the equipment and the sample environment according to needs and technological advances.
  • to enable technology and know-how transfer, particularly through collaboration.
  • to guide and assist users in the acquisition process.

Inverse Microscope DMI 6000 CS AFC :
·       Conventional and resonant scanner (12kHZ)
·       2 HyD detectors
·      1 PMT detector

Objectives :
·       HC PL Fluotar 10x/0.3 dry
·       HC PL APO 20x/0.7 dry
·       HC PL AP 25x/0.95 water
·       HC PL AP 40x/1.3 oil
·       HC PL AP 63x/1.3 oil