Internship (and/or PhD) Possibilities for Masters Students (2023-2024)
Propositions de Stage M2 en Vue de Thèse (2023-2024)

Master 2/PhD Offer on “Quantum microwave detection using a super-inductance circuit

Contact Julien BASSET and/or Jérôme ESTEVE

PhD Offer (fully funded) on “Quantum dynamics of a single spin on a superconductor

Spin dynamics on molecules on a superconductor using a novel instrumentation: a MHz-STM

Contact Alexandra PALACIO-MORALES

Old internships proposals:

Kinetic Inductance Detector for surface plasmon polaritons More details.

Dynamics and correlations of magnetic impurities on a superconductor. More details.

Towards a direct probe of triplet superconductivity via spin resonance (Funded PhD position). More details.

Atomic scale current noise: the search for Majorana Fermions (Funded PhD position). More details.

Other internships at the LPS.
Other internships in ‘fundamental physics’.
Other PhD openings in physics in the Paris metropolitan area..