André Thiaville gives the IOP Wohlfarth Lecture

André Thiaville, a CNRS researcher at the LPS, was invited to give the prestigious Wohlfarth Lecture at the last meeting of the Institute of Physics (IOP) Magnetism group held in York in April 2017.

The talk was entitled New magnetic materials exploiting chiral interactions, after Wohlfarth’s last lecture at IOP in 1988 on New magnetic materials. It covered the recently discovered impact of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on the magnetism of ultra-thin films. André Thiaville, in collaboration with many researchers around the world, was one of the leading researchers on this topic.

The Wohlfarth Lecture Series is given annually at the IOP Magnetism Conference in memory of the outstanding contribution made by Peter Wohlfarth to the field of magnetism. The lecture also serves to promote the areas of interest of Professor Wohlfarth and his commitment to international collaboration in scientific research and magnetism in particular. The recipients are selected by the IOP Magnetism group and the IEEE Magnetics Society UK-RI Chapter.