Contact: Olivier PLANTEVIN

A Quantamaster spectrometer from Horiba Jobin-Yvon gives us the possibility to measure the excitation and emission spectra (UV-Vis and NIR 500-1600 nm) at variable temperature (T=8K -400K), with different laser sources in UV (375 nm) or visible range (454 nm) up to high excitation power density, or broad spectrum xenon lamp filtered through a monochromator grating. We can also probe the decay processes (> 1 ns) using the TCSPC (Time Correlated Single Photon Counting) technique. For that purpose, we use a Picoquant laser that can deliver up to 100 MHz pulsed light (<80 ps impulsions), with variable average power up to 25 mW. Another technique, SSTD, opens the possibility to measure slow decay in the visible as well as NIR range (>30 ms), which is useful for indirect band gap materials or rare earths.

The spectrometer is coupled with an Olympus microscope, allowing sample observation as well as photoluminescence measurements from objects at a few 10 mm range. Using the optical microscope we can better resolve surface contributions for example in perovskite single crystals, rare-earth doped glass, irradiated samples like TMDs, bunch of nanotubes  etc. The optical microscope also have compatibility with the biaxial traction machine developed within the group.