School “Metal Halide Perovskites for Optoelectronics : from Fundamental to Devices” – 6-12/10/2024

Organized by : Maria Chamarro (Sorbonne Université – Paris) ; Géraud Delport (IPVF – Palaiseau) ; Jacky Even (Institut FOTON – Rennes) ; Claudine Katan (ISC – Rennes) ; Sébastien Pillet (CRM2 Université de Lorraine – Nancy ); Olivier Plantevin (LPS Université Paris Saclay – Orsay) ; Sylvain Vedraine (XLIM Université de Limoges – Limoges)

In : Roscoff marine station – CNRS-Sorbonne Univ. (France) – Conference Center

Scientific Committee Scientific Committee of GDR HPERO   

Audience PhD students, post-docts and young researchers (30-40 participants)

Teaching content : provide a solid grounding in the physics and chemistry of halogenated hybrid perovskite materials, their properties and characterizations, their elaboration and shaping, up to applications in optoelectronics and photovoltaics.