Contact: Vincent JACQUES, David LE BOLLOC’H

The LUTECE team developped a biaxial strain device operating at cryogenic temperatures (liquid nitrogen or helium), to induce changes of electronic properties by directly deforming the crystal structure of crystals.

This instrument is developped by researchers of the LUTECE team and ingeneers of the Services Mécanique and Electronics-Instrumentation of LPS. The mechanical parts have been machined out in the LPS workshop.

This device is adapted to a nitrogen/helium flow cryostat (Konti cryostat from Cryovac), and allows different kinds of measurements: x-ray diffraction, electrical transport and optical measurements. For this, the device is under vacuum to allow cryogenic cooling, and windows are installed to let optical and x-ray beams in and out. The cover that seals the chamber has either a PEEK dome or kapton windows to perform wide-angle x-ray diffraction measurements, and an optical window on the top for optical measurements (photoluminescence for instance).