Measurements of microdiffraction/microfluorescence with a x-ray microbeam of 10, 30 ou 100 µm (FWHM). Cartography of measurements onto 10 x10 mm2.

Instrumental: rotating anode generator (Cu, radiation, Rigaku MicroMax007, 40kV-30mA), multilayer mirrors optics (Xenocs FOX-CU 25-25), two motorized translation stages (Newport), CCD camera (Princeton), SDD fluorescence detector (Ketek AXAS).

A laboratory X-ray microbeam for combined X-ray diffraction and fluorescence measurements,
S. Rouzière, E. Jourdanneau, B. Kasmi, P. Joly, D. Petermann, P-A. Albouy, J. of Appl. Cryst. 43 (2010), pp.1131-1133.

Contact : Stéphan ROUZIERE