Producing hydrogen using nanomaterials

Low-carbon hydrogen is one of the avenues being explored as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Several techniques are being explored for producing hydrogen. One of these is photocatalysis, which …

A new HDR defense

Cyrille successfully defended his accredidation to supervize research (HDR) on September, 7th 2023.

A ‘newcomer’ in the team

After a commissioning period, the benchtop SAXS-Cu apparatus of the MORPHEUS platform is now operational and ready for new adventures. This experimental setup includes: All the informations can be found …

Happy New Year 2022

The Matrix team is pleased to wish you a Happy New Year 2022! The laboratory’s greeting card is illustrated by a Fréedericksz transition in a biaxial smectic phase.

A new member in the team

The first scattering image (from quartz powder) has been obtained on the MODIX setup! Congratulations to our colleagues (from left to right): Gilles Guillier, Denis Petermann, Marianne Impéror-Clerc and Stéphan …